Cellular phones have become integral part of our daily life being the fast and reliable communication means in the society. Mobile phones have vastly revolutionized to smartphones that has made it possible to reach internet to everywhere.

Although mobile phones have played their role in comforting our life but have also posed some concealed hazards as well. The latest study conducted by the California Department of Public Health (CPDH) has warned users about hazards of cell phones radiation.

The department suggests people to maintain a safe distance to reduce the exposure to radiation waves. As these devices transmit radio and electromagnetic waves, it can cause short term or long -term effects on one’s health.

Studies suggest that these radiations may increase the risk of brain cancer and tumors in auditory tracks and salivary glands. These electromagnetic radiations are also perceived to decrease sperm count in males as well. CDPH’s Director Karen Smith says that small children who are extremely exposed to cell phone radiation might face issues in their psychological growth and development later on.

The warning was issued after analyzing a public document of CDPH Division of Environmental and Occupational Disease Control. It was published following an order of the Sacramento Superior Court in 2009.

Cell phones emit radio frequency waves when they send and receive signals from cell towers that can be a risk factor for mental and physical health issues. The body absorbs the cell phone signals with respect to distance. A phone held a couple of inches from the body delivers hundreds of times less radiation to the body as one held against the skin.

Guidelines for Safe Usage of Cell Phones

The CDPH director, Karen Smith pointed out that while more investigative research is definitely required on the nature of these radio frequency emissions, simple steps should be followed to limit exposure to the radiation.

In order to avoid getting overexposed by electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your phone away from your body. This means carrying it in your briefcase rather than in your pocket or anywhere near your body.
  • Avoid using a cell phone when signals are weak or travelling in fast-moving vehicle as the device would be emitting high level of radio frequency.
  • Limit the use of cell phones when streaming audio and video programs, or when downloading large files over it.
  • Avoid keeping your phone near your bed at night, especially close to your head.
  • Don’t sleep next to your phone or avoid placing it near to your head.
  • Don’t wear your headsets unless you are on a call.
  • Especially avoid products that claim to block radiofrequency energy, as these are more likely to increase its emission.
  • Set to airplane mode, when it’s not in use.