Landa Bazar is a term associated with markets in Pakistan selling used branded items imported from different countries including USA, China and leading European markets. One can easily find all the major brands offering clothing products, high-end fashion accessories etc. without the shock of a premium price tag.

The trend of shopping from Landa Bazar is not going to die anytime soon but it is undoubtedly a time-consuming activity. Lucky for us, Pakistanis can now find these products from the comfort of their homes through online shopping.

What is Khazanay

Khazanay is a Pakistani startup that is offering an Online Thrift Store or Online Landa Bazar to its customers. This e-commerce startup is a dream come true for all the fashion lovers who are tired of saving money to buy branded products.

The website offers a rating system for every product available in their store helping customers to realize the condition of the products. Customers can buy used shirt for minimum Rs. 350 and shoes for Rs. 500.

The e-store plans to include toys and other household items in their expanding portfolio whereas the website currently offers a variety of items at very affordable price tags:

  • Shoes for Men, Women and Kids
  • Shirts under Casual and Polo categories
  • Books – mainly English novels from renowned authors

While talking to BBC Urdu, Usman revealed that they have been running their online store for around one and a half year. Their idea was among the lucky few that were selected in Silicon Valley, which houses one of the largest tech incubation centre across the globe.

Till now has sold products worth more than Rs. 20 million which is quite an impressive figure to achieve in such a small amount of time.