Lahore Police 15 App

We have seen a trend of digitization of government services in both Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Both the provinces are very close to achieve a landmark by computerizing the land record while a number of other projects are underway.

Punjab has moved a step forward and introduced the Lahore Police 15 App for the citizen of Pakistan’s second largest city. The app will surely help common people to be in contact with Lahore Police in case of any emergency scenario.

As all the other digital projects of Punjab are being collaborated with the PITB so as the said project too. Dr. Haider Ashraf, DIG Operations, declares the event as an important step in making sure that the “Thana Culture” and all other negativity associated image of Police will slowly phase out from Pakistan society.

Let us have a brief overview of the Lahore Police 15 App:


The interface has been kept pretty simple although too many space is left blank. One must say the total control has been left easy to use, even for less educated persons. Upon launching the app, the user goes to three selections;

  • Contact Rescue 15,
  • Report a Terrorist Activity,
  • Lodge a Complaint.

Rescue 15 Feature

If you tap the Contact Recue 15 button, you are asked to register yourself by providing your CNIC number, phone number and the nearest Police Station. Upon providing all the necessary details, you are then asked to dial 15 from your mobile phone.

In case of successful verification, you can now file a report by choosing report intensity through a drop down menu at the top of the screen.

The app enables you to file a text report as well as a photo report by attaching an image from your smartphone. You can also check the status of your previous report, if any, or simply call 15 right from the app interface.

Dealing an Emergency

If, God forbid, you are in an emergency situation and seek police help, there is a red SOS button that will send your location immediately to police servers and a team will immediately be dispatched to your reported location to help you on the spot.

Abusing the App

Dr. Haider Ashraf, DIG Operations has made it clear to anyone who tries to misuse the app in anyway by saying that strict action will be taken against those found involved in such conduct.


The Lahore Police 15 App is currently available only for Android users. Click Here to download.


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