Lenovo has adopted a unique way to promote its upcoming venture Lenovo Z5 through official leaks made by company’s VP Mr. Chang Cheng. Earlier, we came to know through the same source that the Z5 would attain the highest ever screen-to-body ratio of more than 95% and the massive 4TB native storage.

Lenovo Z5 Battery

In the latest series of such leaks, the VP disclosed that the Lenovo Z5 will come with a battery unit that will offer 45 days of standby time and withstand up to 30minutes
of talk time even when the battery is at 0%.


Although, the battery capacity of the device is yet to be known but we think such power management may not be possible with the battery alone. The device may likely come with several optimizations that would ensure optimum performance with low power consumption. For instance, the device is expected, but not yet confirmed, to pack the power-efficient Snapdragon 845 processor under the hood.

Lenovo Z5 Camera

Mr. Cheng has also shared a couple of camera samples shot in the US, using the dual AI camera of Lenovo Z5. Although, we don’t know the camera configuration as of writing, but the picture quality is awesome with vivid clarity aided by the bright daylight.

The camera has captured the beautiful scenery with greater depth and attention to details. The camera has filtered the light properly and the photos are barren of any form of photographic noise. Don’t you think the samples point to a device with powerful camera setup?