LG, the South Korean tech giant, is all set to unveil its new flagship device LG G7 in the first quarter of 2018 – considered to be one of the major rivals of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ expected to surface around the same time.

A YouTube channel called ‘DBS Designing’ has just published a new smartphone concept video, this time around the LG G7 concept.

Not to mention, this is not a leak of the smartphone but only the fruit of a third-party developer’s imagination. The video highlights really thin bezels of the upcoming device like its predecessors LG G6 and LG V30 making it a full screen design.

LG G7 Concept Design

According to DBS Designing, the LG G7 features a 5.8-inch display that sting QHD+ resolution. The device is equipped with an ample amount of internal storage that is 128 GB that can also be expanded by using the microSD card slot. It is also expected to incorporate 8GB of RAM for faster performance of the smartphone.

However, the DBS Designing has not mentioned the chipset that will be powering up the LG G7 but other reports have revealed that the Snapdragon 845 chipset would be powering up the device. It is also said to feature LG’s own AI assistant.

It features a water-resistant body, a USB-C port and retains the 3.5mm audio jack. In the concept video, the smartphone can be seen in multiple color options. There is a 3,500mAh battery coupled with fast charging feature. It also includes a USB-C port.

The video highlights the LG G7 featuring a pair of 8MP dual selfie shooter and another pair of 16MP dual rear camera setup. However, the fingerprint scanner is forecasted to be placed under the display. We think this feature may not come on the real LG G7 as this technology is expected to become available in the latter half of the next year.

Interestingly enough, the concept designer has not shown the power key on the phone’s right-hand side (or anywhere else on the phone), but the volume up and down buttons are located on the left of the phone.

It will be interesting to see how will LG introduce any improvement upon the design of the LG G6 and the LG V30. So be calm and wait as the LG G7 is not expected to launch for another couple of months or so.