A terrible incident reported on a Vancouver-bound Air Canada flight departing from Toronto Pearson Airport that got delayed due to an LG smartphone caught fire injuring a lady passenger. Air Canada officials revealed that flight AC101 was about to depart around 7 am on Thursday when a passenger’s cellphone started to burn.

Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick said in an email statement that the fire was extinguished by in-flight crew members and there was no damage to the aircraft. However, a female passenger suffered minor injuries and she was treated by emergency services personnel before walking off the plane and taken to hospital.

Officials said the aircraft was a Boeing 787-9 with 266 passengers on board. The flight managed to depart Toronto for Vancouver after a two-hour delay. Meanwhile, police responded and made it clear that there was no criminal evidence reported in relation to the mishap.

Toronto City Councillor Joe Cressy said he was on the flight and called Air Canada staff “quick and professional” in their response to the incident.

A traveller on flight, Julia Cockreill expressed her views:

Exciting start to Vancouver flight. A woman’s cell phone just caught on fire just prior to take off

A spokesperson for LG Canada said in a statement released Thursday afternoon that the company is aware of the incident. Alissa Liotti said:

Consumer and product safety is a top priority. We take these claims very seriously and are in the process of gathering information in order to determine what may have occurred with this particular device.

Although, it is yet unclear how the LG smartphone caught fire but it certainly has left bad impact on LG brand. We hope LG to take appropriate measures and investigate the incident to stop further mishaps in future.