The foldable smartphone will be the next milestone for mobile phone manufacturers. The recent reports claim that the race has already been kicked off with big names like Samsung, Apple, LG and Huawei being the confirmed players.

As recently reported LG had filed a patent of foldable smartphone to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) that described the concept as ‘a mobile phone with a flexible display which can be folded in half’. The fresh report also suggests the same but with more details including images.

LG Foldable Smartphone with Dual Display

The new patent titled as ‘Mobile Terminal’ was filed back in September 2016 that showcases dual displays along with dual batteries and dual headphone jack. The display seems to be curved around the edges that can be used to show different notifications like date and time.

As per details, both displays of LG patented design are connected with each other through a pair of hinges – one on the top and the other on the bottom side. This design enables both screens to open and combine to form one large display.


The interesting design will make it happen to use the single device by two persons simultaneously in a partially open position. For instance, playing two videos separately using one’s own headphone jack and battery unit as well as separate camera module.


Experts believe that LG seems to be focusing on media consumption for its foldable smartphone enabling users to enjoy different types of media content without disturbing each other. It is also believed that the patented technology can easily be used not only for smartphones but also for tablets, laptops, multimedia devices and wearables.

Samsung was reported officially back in September last year to bring its foldable smartphone by the year 2018 but that doesn’t seem feasible as reports are there that the miracle could not happen in near future. Salman Saeed, the product manager of display technology at Qualcomm is of the opinion that durability and fine-tuning of the user experience are apparently the main hurdles.

Let’s wait and see who is going to cross the finish line and win the race among Samsung, Apple, LG and Huawei.