Smartphone Battery

In earlier days when there were no smartphones, people didn’t worry about ‘battery charging’. On the contrast, in today’s world every second person with smartphone is worried about how to make smartphone battery stay longer.

In fact there are countless utilities of smartphones like surfing, chatting, shooting, and gaming that kill the battery juice. Although we have converted some impossibles into possibles but mankind still hasn’t found a way of ensuring our smartphones can make it through a full day without running out of battery.

Older tips proven wrong

The most common tip of the olden days was considered to drain the battery completely before next charge to enhance battery life. It was also advised to turn it off when not in use. Unfortunately the great minds behind these ideas have been proven wrong by latest research.

A team of American Chemical Society have released information on how you can make your smartphone battery last longer. The chemists reveal that many of the battery saving tips we have been told over the past decade are wrong and out of date for modern smartphone battery technology.

The team of experts suggests never let your device drain out of power completely because this would actually reduce the battery capacity over the time. They also say you should not leave your device turned off for prolonged periods unless it has at least 50 percent charged.

Moreover, allowing your smartphone to get too hot or too cold can have severe impact on the battery life. So avoid leaving smartphone in a hot car or taking it to the beach or pool.

This video from the American Chemical Society explains more….

Quick Tips to make Smartphone Battery stay longer

  • Do not let your smartphone battery drain completely
  • Do not leave your smartphone switched off for longer periods
  • Do not leave your smartphone unused for long periods of time
  • Do not let your smartphone to get too hot or too cold
  • Shutdown additional apps working in the background
  • Switch off GPS
  • Turn off push notifications
  • Keep your software updated
  • Make sure you manage your screen brightness

We hope these simple tips will help you to increase your smartphone’s performance and its battery life.

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