The latest and the most advanced ‘big gun’ by Apple – the iPhone X has been facing a number of software issues along with hardware problems since its debut last year. Although, the camera features of iPhone X are recognized as the best ones in the market but the most recent reports reveal a problem with the exterior glass cover of the camera lens that gets cracked mysteriously.

A growing number of iPhone X owners have come up with the same unusual issue in what appears to be the emergence of a new #LensGatescandal for the Cupertino giant Apple. One may think that ‘cracking of the glass’ may be a result of extreme pressure or dropping from a certain height but those Apple fans who complained about the very weird issue on Apple’s support forum and Reddit claim that they never dropped their iPhone X.

The entire scenario becomes more mysterious as no one exactly knows the reason behind since the cracking is not caused by dropping or mishandling. However, some owners of iPhone X believe that the issue may be result of cold temperature. Whereas, the others are of the opinion that there is nothing to do with temperature variation as the issues have been reported from moderate or hot temperature regions.

Reportedly Cracked iPhone X Lens Protection Cover

A user shares his views by saying:

I read some people have this issue in cold climate, I live in Malaysia and weather is hot and humid around 32-36 Celsius daily….. and we don’t have apple store in Malaysia here, so cannot count on authorized centers, but refuse for repair.

As far as Apple’s response is concerned, the Cupertino based tech giant insists that the iPhone X’s camera lens cover is made from sapphire crystal; the same sleek and stylish glass Apple has been using since the launch of iPhone 6.

We think the glass protection used by Apple is not as protective as Corning Gorilla Glass that is being used in even mid-range Android phones. Corning Glass SVP Tony Tripeny says it all:

It (sapphire crystal) transmits less light which…means either dimmer devices or shorter battery life. It continues to break. I think while it’s a scratch resistant product it still breaks and our testing says that Gorilla Glass [can take] about 2.5 times more pressure that [sapphire] can take…

More worriedly, some users are claiming that these sort of cracking are not covered in Apple’s official warranty, as when they went to Apple store they wanted to charge $549 for a repair.

Let us see if Apple responds in favour of its users in coming days. Meanwhile you may share your experience below if you’ve come across any issue with your iPhone X.