Mario, the world’s most beloved gaming character, celebrates its day on March 10th while Nintendo joined hands with Google Maps to get Mario on top and hold a position in Google Maps’ arrow that is used to show the location where the user is heading. MacRumors reveals that Mario will be visible on Google Maps starting from March 10th (the Mario Day) onwards for at least a week.

Mario on Google Maps

mario-time-on-google-mapsAs per details, Google Maps has rolled out an update making “Mario Time” available for Android and iOS devices. To enter Mario Time, users are to tap on the yellow “?” icon spotted in the bottom right of the Google Maps app after updating the app to the latest version.

Once Mario Time enabled, the traditional Google Maps navigation arrow will turn into Mario driving its olden Mario Kart. Google says that Mario will accompany you throughout the week with new icon every time you use the Google Maps.

Perhaps knowing the tactics of typical Mario Kart player, Google has tactfully managed to spread civic sense by issuing a warning:

Just remember to practice safe driving on the road—we don’t encourage throwing bananas or red shells at other drivers in real life!

Google has also asked users to share screenshots of Mario guiding them on Google Maps on social media. Go ahead and look out for #MarioMaps to see the inevitable screenshots of Mario going off-road when Maps messes up. However, we advise not to share personal details on social networks.

Download Google Maps

The latest Google Maps update with Mario Time has already been rolled out to Android and iOS users. If you haven’t received the update as yet download from Play Store or App Store today to commute with Mario the week long.