Huawei, the Chinese tech giant, is in the headlines for their new trendsetter device Huawei Mate 10, due to be launched in two weeks’ time from today. As October, the month we were waiting for, has been started, every single day brings something new about the mysterious smartphone. Earlier Huawei announced by saying “Device worth waiting for” and now they say “Mate 10 is not a smartphone”. Well, the mystery will over by October 16th event during which Huawei will make the Mate 10 series official; wait with us for next two weeks!

Leaked Specs So Far

The leaks coming out of the box so far reveal the Mate 10 having the large 6″ display having the 2:1 aspect ratio. Huawei CEO confirmed earlier that the Mate 10 will feature a bezel-less screen. Meanwhile Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 has already in the field to compete with the new venture of Huawei. Let us see how Mate 10 will beat the Mi Mix 2 in this field.

On the camera front, the Mate 10 will feature a 12 MP RGB sensor, coupled with another 20 MP monochrome sensor. The Leica-branding has so far not managed to wow us with its non-marketing aspects, so this might be the moment Huawei has been warming up to till now.

The setup of the phone isn’t a surprise, especially since it is the similar one used in both the phone’s predecessor and the P10. Of course, there are other aspects other than the resolution to consider, and that’s where any major improvements would have been made.

In a new short video posted on Twitter, Huawei openly claims that “the Mate 10 is not a smartphone” – that’s a direct quote as you can see. What is it then, does anybody know? Well, the company refers to it as “an intelligent machine”.

As you may have gathered, AI seems to be the big focus in Huawei’s marketing campaign for the Mate 10, because it’s going to be powered by the company’s Kirin 970 chipset which features a dedicated neural processing unit for on-device AI capabilities. It’ll reportedly boast a resolution of 2160 x 1080. In addition it will have 6 GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage and a 4,000 mAh battery.

Implying that the phone is alive, though, might be pushing things just a tad further than necessary – especially considering where we’re currently at when it comes to the smartness level of AI.

The Mate 10, Huawei’s next major flagship, will aim to help the company regain some of its glory among high-end phones after the lukewarm release of its P10 phones earlier this year. Anyhow, you have to wait for next two weeks to find out.