WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps on the planet and I’m sure you are also one of those 1.5 billion who have subscribed to the service. Aren’t you? If yes, then you might have faced a situation where you think to send a WhatsApp message to anyone without saving the contact.

We’re sure that most of our readers must be doing the same; that is saving the contact first and then sending WhatsApp messages. But if you go through this article, you’ll get to know a simple trick to send a WhatsApp message to anyone in the world who is using WhatsApp but not saved on your contact list.

One more thing, don’t use any third party app to do this simple task as many of them may compromise the security and functionality of your smartphone. Just follow these simple steps without installing any other app. The process described below is equally good for both Android and iOS platforms.

How to Send a WhatsApp Message to Anyone without Saving the Contact

The process is quite simple but if you aren’t too familiar with your smartphone, you may feel a bit confusing. We strongly recommend to follow these steps in order and you’ll feel a piece of cake afterwards.

  • Open any of your favourite browser on your smartphone
  • Type the link in the search bar – (in place of Xs, write the phone number including country code but without 00 or + sign). For example, if you desire to chat with a Pakistani number (with prefix of 0092 or +92), it would be like this:
  • Tap ‘Enter’ on your smartphone
  • A WhatsApp window will open asking if you want to send a message to that phone number. Select your desired language and tap on ‘MESSAGE’
  • You’ll automatically be redirected to WhatsApp with the ‘Start Chatting’ window to the person you entered in your phone

Isn’t it too easy? Just no need to add a number to your contact list of a person to have very short conversation, most probably once in your life.

How do you feel with this handy WhatsApp trick? Write in the comment section below.