Facebook is undoubtedly the king of social media platforms that is known for providing convenient new features to its subscribers in getting maximum out of the single app. Facebook Messenger is a chatting and calling platform that has a lighter version for low-end devices with lesser native storage and slower internet connections dubbed as Messenger Lite, available in over 130 countries and regions.

Messenger Lite Video Calling Feature

In the most recent move, Facebook has rolled out an update introducing video calling features for the Messenger Lite on Android platforms. It is worth mentioning here that the Messenger Lite is almost similar to the regular version except for some fancy features like GIFs.

Just comparing in memory aspects, regular version of Messenger app occupies almost 50MB whereas the Lite variant weighs 10MB in size. However, the addition of video calling feature has almost doubled the Messenger Lite to 19MB; still not quite bloated as it would’ve been.

Coming back to the newest feature adding up in Messenger Lite, the video chatting is quite similar as other messaging apps offer. You are to open a conversation or choose a contact to talk to, then tap the video camera icon at the top right corner of the screen.


Alternately, you can either tap the video icon in a conversation or the middle of the screen during a call to start a video call. Moreover, you are able to mute the call, convert the ongoing call into a voice call, change where the audio plays through or end the call.

Download Messenger Lite

Well, video calling is an important feature that makes the Lite version not really light. If you have made up your mind to switch from regular to this lighter version follow this link on Google Play Store.