While iPhones don’t let you customize what happens when you push on the home button, whereas the Android devices include launchers that flourish the homescreen experience. A number of such launchers are available to choose from the Play Store database.

Microsoft, once known for Windows smartphones, has quietly released its own Android launcher. If you remember the Arrow Launcher for Android that was developed by a Microsoft employee two years ago has now got a major update renaming it the Microsoft Launcher.

Microsoft Launcher

The Microsoft Launcher will let Android users continue viewing photos, editing documents or reading websites from a mobile to the PC. It’s something Microsoft has been experimenting recently and “continue on PC” is also a big part of the new Edge browser for iOS and Android.

It’s all designed to match Microsoft’s new Fluent Design that the company is pushing across its products, with subtle hints at light, depth, and motion.


You can tap on files in the homescreen feed and trigger them to launch on a PC. It’s great if you’re an Android user that uses Microsoft services like OneDrive, Office, and Outlook. That’s the type of person that this launcher is really designed for.

Microsoft Launcher also has a feed of information from calendar appointments and reminders to recent photos and news. You can customize it fully with different light and dark themes and color accents just like Windows 10.

How to Download Microsoft Launcher

If you’re an existing user of the Arrow Launcher then you’ll be automatically upgraded to the Microsoft Launcher, any other Android users will be able to download and install the preview today through the Google Play Store.