Jazz, the largest cellular operator in Pakistan, has started a taxi hailing service ‘mLift’ for Jazz customers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The company has further plans to expand the service to other cities and other network customers in coming days.

mLift by Jazz will connect drivers and riders on IVR or voice call – no need to have internet connection or app installation. This is good news for those who don’t have internet connection even today.

The Theme Behind mLift by Jazz

As an estimate, it is considered that more than 20-30 million Pakistanis travel daily without having their own car/ride. Despite expansion plans of Careem and Uber there is a huge space for other operators in market.

The Careem and Uber success story relies upon the overwhelming response from the masses. The same caused a sense of insecurity to the conventional taxi services – Kaali Peeli Taxi and Yellow Cab.

Truly speaking, overcharging and substandard cars being the main problem with conventional taxi services is one of the reasons of success story of app-based hailing services. The mLift will be the first step to gain confidence to the conventional taxi services.

The conventional taxi drivers can get on-board with mLift and get riders over phone remotely. With mLift, usual taxi drivers will at once come in competition with Careem & Uber and would be able to start earning from their existing cars.

The mLift does not require investors to buy cars and get on-board, instead, they will rely on currently available transporters and hence their growth can be humongous as compared to Careem and Uber.

The mLift by Jazz only requires public-service license and a car to get anyone board. They verify the drivers by registering their thumb impressions and their phone numbers.

Keep in mind that Jazz will only get you connected with the nearest mLift driver; both the parties will agree on the fare of the trip and the taxi will be at your doorstep.

How mLift works

  • Rider will dial 7555 (for Jazz customers only)
  • Based on riders’ location, a driver from vicinity will be connected to rider over phone
  • Both rider and driver — when on call — will negotiate the trip price
  • Driver will confirm the price and will confirm the ride
  • Rider will pay the driver in cash at the end of the trip