Lenovo has announced two new Moto Mods for its Moto Z series smartphones that are supposed to get better user experience by attaching especially tailored Moto Mods enhancing the functionality of smartphone.

The Moto Mods are an optional choice as you don’t really need these either, but they do provide an additional edge in what in a fairly stable market right now.

Let’s check out the new Moto Mods:

Livermorium Keyboard

The more exciting of the two newly announced Moto Mods is the Livermorium Keyboard module that affixes a full-size keyboard at the bottom of your phone giving you the nostalgic Nokia N97 vibes from your Moto Z. The five-row keyboard is also backlit, allowing a better experience under low light. Acquiring the Mod needs will other than the money, as it also nearly triples the width of the sleek-looking Moto Z.


As the name implies, the mod comes courtesy of Livermorium – a company that won Motorola’s “Transform The Smartphone Challenge”, which saw different developers compete for the best use of modular technology. The two companies worked together to bring the Mod to the market.

The pricing of the Livermorium Keyboard will be set at $99 (~PKR 10,900).

Vital Mod

The second Moto Mod is known as the Vital Mod – a health-focused one checking six different standards: Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Pulse, Oxygen, Core Body Temperature and Blood Pressure. Whether you really need your phone to carry out such functions is dependent entirely upon you.


The accessory is decidedly more sophisticated and comes at a higher price-tag of $399 (PKR 47,800).

Should you go for new Moto Mods?