The Mozilla Firefox was the most widely used internet browser once before the arrival of Google Chrome on the scene. Things never changed in favour of Firefox since then but the recent update of Firefox is aimed to grab the top notch once again.

Mozilla has not only redesigned Firefox in the latest and biggest update ever seen since the launch of Firefox in 2004 but given it a new name – Firefox Quantum. We now have different logo, a new engine and as Mozilla claims ‘2x faster than the old Firefox’.

Firefox claims that it has used the new technology from its advanced research group and has used it to make the new, more powerful engine which will speed up your browsing.

Here’s what Mozilla had to say about Firefox Quantum:

Everything major we wanted to get in made it. … It’s almost certainly the biggest refactoring ever done in software engineering, at least in public. Seventy-five percent of the code base had to be touched. Almost 5 million lines of code were impacted.

New and Improved Features

The new Firefox lets you choose the search engine right from the address bar and you can search your query by using one of the 60 search providers. Firefox claims that it uses 30% less memory than Google Chrome and switching between tabs is now even faster.

Firefox also introduced tracking protection in its Private Browsing mode and is boasting a lot about this feature. It also introduced a built-in screenshot feature so you don’t need to use a separate screenshot software to access this feature.

It also has the Pocket extension built into its toolbar so that you can save any article and read it later. It also introduced a new section called Library where you can find all of your bookmarks, history, pocket save, downloads, and screenshots.

Even if you had stopped using Firefox a long time ago, we recommend you to have another experience with the Firefox Quantum.  And even if you don’t make it your default web browser, you should try the new browsing experience at least once.

Download Firefox Quantum for your Desktop | Android | iOS from here.