2 GB RAM for Facebook and Messenger

It is a common perception among smartphone users that the Windows operated mobiles run smoother as compared to Android and iPhone. The reason is quite simple; the app size is kept bare minimum so that the lesser RAM can perform better.

Perhaps this preview is in danger as the news are coming that some app developers have decided to increase the size for more functionality.

In this regard, Facebook and Messenger are in headlines. Their developers have decided to increase the minimum memory requirement for these applications to run in a smooth environment on Windows mobile having Windows 10 under the hood.

2 GB RAM for Facebook and Messenger

It appears that both Facebook and Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile now require a minimum 2 GB of RAM in order to work smoothly. Although the developers have not announced anything as yet but it seems to be official because the following message can be seen on Windows Store.


It is obvious that users with high-end Windows phones, like the Lumia 950, won’t have any issue to meet the minimum memory requirement but it would certainly be an issue for those who own the mid-range smartphones.

The main problem probably lies in the coding of these apps, which seem to require more RAM than most of Windows Phone apps usually need to function properly. Either way, we doubt that the apps will be optimized to work better on mid-range and entry-level Windows Phone handsets since Microsoft’s mobile OS seems to have lost quite a lot of market share, but we don’t rule it out

As for now, Facebook and Messenger apps are available even for those having Windows mobiles with less than 2 GB of RAM. We think that the developers have updated the minimum requirements to answer those who were complaining that these apps were slow and unresponsive at times.


Download Facebook and Messenger for your Windows mobile from here.


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