The TV Commercials play an important role in spreading one’s message to the masses around the globe. So as we see on our TV screens a huge bunch of ads mainly from mobile phone manufacturers and operators. No one can disagree that such commercials must adopt some cultural and ethical norms of a certain society.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has shown deep concerns over two TV commercials from Zong 4G and OPPO Mobile being aired now-a-days. According to details, both the TV ads are beyond Pakistan’s cultural limits and they are shot in a manner that’s not within our local acceptable norms.

Zong’s recent AD, that plays on a song “Boom Boom”, showed a male model getting hit by cricket ball between the legs. Although the scene was filmed to creat some humor but the reaction shown is “indecent”.

On the other hands, OPPO Mobile’s “Selfie First” TV ad was shot with indecent clothing for female models. In fact it is an Indian commercial, that was edited to make it presentable to the Pakistani market but the clothing of women got the people like “Whaaaat?”

PEMRA said that it received countless complaints from users about these indecent ads and authority itself found the TV ads to be objectionable. In response, PEMRA has asked Pakistan Broadcasters Association to get the TV ads fixed by either removing the objectionable parts or by scrapping the ads altogether.

PEMRA gave a deadline of two days to both Zong and OPPO to get their ads fixed or they could be banned as per local laws.

My Words

We have seen a lot of notices being issued to different TV channels and broadcasters by the Authority over various charges. You agree or disagree but I think PEMRA becomes selective over some issues.

As an example PEMRA declared that HUM TV’s serial Udaari portrays unethical scenes that may create sinful sentiments and emotions among the masses. On the other hands we see a lot of such scenes on other channels as well but PEMRA closes its eyes!

If dressing of OPPO’s TV commercial is objectionable what about the same kind of dressing or even worse being displayed in fashion shows, bridal cultural week and the award shows being aired every week? We all have seen the dances on various award shows of Pakistani media but a girl dancing in an advertisement totally objectionable?

My point of view is clear that PEMRA needs to set proper guidelines for what is supposed to be decent and what not. The Authority should draw a circle and anything beyond that circle by anybody must be stopped. Simple!

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