AS we know that HMD Global is all set to unveil their first flagship after the revival of Nokia brand on August 16, 2017 – the Nokia 8 or Nokia 9 (the first one being the confirmed name at the moment). The event was first rumoured to be held on August 31st.

However, this might be a breaking news for you that we may see Android 8 running on Nokia 8 from the day one.

Why We Are Sure?

Don’t you believe? OK, let me explain. A new Geekbench run by a device referred to as “Unknown Heart”, having Snapdragon 835 chipset and 4GB of RAM, sees it running Android 8.0.0. The leaked specs of Nokia 8 being the same, we are pretty much sure that this is the same flagship we are waiting for.


We have already unveiled the story of upcoming version of Android OS being the Android 8 or Android O to get on surface not later than August 23, 2017; the first ones to get updates being the Google Pixels Nexuses.

On the other hand, it will take a week or two to bring Nokia 8 in the hands of Nokia fans. It becomes obvious that we may see Android 8 running under the hood of Nokia 8 just like the LG V20 was the first device having Android 7 last year.

If we see Android 7.1.1 on the day when Nokia 8 gets unveiled but HMD may bring Android 8.0 after it gets public through Google smartphones.

Nokia 8 Being the Logical Name!

And if the Nokia 8 will in fact be the first out of the gate with Android 8, doesn’t the name make perfect sense?