HMD Global is reportedly unveiling a new mysterious smartphone dubbed as Nokia X in couple of days; on April 27th in China. The smartphone was never heard before except for a poster that was displayed in a movie theatre in China.

According to details shared by Chinese media, people were astonished to see digital posters revealing a smartphone marked with a large X on the display. There were no more specs except for the brand name as Nokia X and a number of icons.

As there were no leaks or rumors about HMD Global working on the Nokia X therefore we anticipate the device will not be a high-end or flagship smartphone rather a low or mid-range one.

If we look into the Nokia brand in Windows Phone’s days, a Nokia X was brought with low-end specs that was complimented later as Nokia XL and Nokia 2. But that was the past, here are the posters for the future Nokia X:


As the phone has not been teased in any other part of the world except China so far, therefore it is said that the Nokia X might be China exclusive or at least limited to China in the initial few months of its release.

For now, we have only this for the Nokia X but keep on visiting these pages to follow the story.