WhatsApp, the preferred instant messaging app for millions of people worldwide, has just rolled out another update enabling users to share all file formats. Earlier, users could only send audio, video, documents, images and GIFs file but now users can share any file type using WhatsApp.

However, WhatsApp has barred the size limit on how huge your shared files can be. According to details, WhatsApp users can share files up to 100MB large on Android and up to 128MB on iOS platforms.

While other popular messaging apps like Hike and Viber had this option for a long time. WhatsApp has now joined the game a little late. Considering the fact that WhatsApp has more active users than these apps, it is actually much more beneficial for the users.

In the previous update, WhatsApp also introduced a feature allowing its users to pin a chat. These pinned chat appear on the top of your story line until you opt to un-pin them.

In the previous update for iOS, its users will now ask Apple’s digital assistant Siri to read out their latest WhatsApp messages to them. Earlier iOS users can ask Siri to send messages and make calls. Now Siri can read their latest messages as well.

Without a doubt, the new feature will add more value to the app and will allow it to compete with its other similar instant messaging apps which already had this feature for a while such as Telegram. Although Telegram has much less users on its platform though.

You can download the latest version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS to share all file formats.