The OnePlus 5T has surfaced with the slogan of ‘Flagship Killer’ and starts a new wave of comparisons with the existing ‘Flagship Devices’ right away. The most recent and the most interesting one is a ‘Charging Test’ conducted by OnePlus officially. Interestingly, the famed flagship killer is again cracking down on luxurious flagship devices of the three tech giants – Samsung, Apple and Google.

The test we are talking about is shared by OnePlus official Twitter handle. The shared video features Samsung Galaxy S8+, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Google Pixel 2 XL and of course the action hero of the stunt – OnePlus 5T.

The comparison shows that although all those phones support quick charging features, yet they are unable to beat Dash Charge of OnePlus 5T. All the four phones in the video were charged for 30 minutes but none of them was able to beat the record 57% charging which OnePlus 5T achieved in the same time.

Authenticity of Video carries Question Mark

Well, if you have closely watched the 55-seconds video, you may have noted that charging of all the competitors of OnePlus 5T was unexpectedly too slow. The Galaxy S8+ made it to 17%, iPhone 8 Plus hits 16% while Pixel 2 XL was quite low with 11% to be exact with an equal time span of 30 minutes for all.

Besides a huge difference of charging there is another issue for which we are right to say that the authenticity of the video carries question mark. Although the smartphones and a stop watch are visible but the actual chargers through which the smartphones are being charges are not shown properly except for the OnePlus 5T whose red wire is a clear sign.

Moreover, the 30-minutes teat is trimmed down in a 55-seconds video indicating a lot of important footage has been cut off thereby making it impossible to confirm that the competitive flagships did really perform substandard in the test.

For the sake of debate, if we accept for a moment that OnePlus has been honest enough and everything shown in the video is correct – not a marketing stunt. A question arises to our mind what the hell is Samsung’s Adaptive Fast charging which Samsung claims to be quite efficient or why Apple is charging too much.

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