OnePlus, a Chinese brand, came up with the latest flagship device OnePlus 5T last month that enjoyed a record breaking achievement beating all those high-tech and high-priced flagship devices of the year.

However, it seems that things are changing for OnePlus 5T as some users have come up with issues in streaming online videos from popular video services. Not to mention that both the flagship devices from OnePlus come with HD-capable display and powerful hardware.

Some users of OnePlus 5T have been seen on Reddit reporting that the device lacks support for Widevine Level 1, which helps to configure high definition streams.

Both OnePlus 5T and its predecessor OnePlus 5 are reportedly facing similar kind of issue while streaming online videos from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies and similar video services. Surprisingly, both devices are unable to reach higher than Standard Definition (SD) resolution.

If we look into specs sheet of OnePlus 5T, it is evident that the device comes with 6-inch HD display having 1080p resolution along with powerful Snapdragon 835 processor combined with 6GB of RAM; sufficient enough to play HD videos online.

The problem seems to be quite strange as some low budget midrange devices of several premium smartphones makers seen sporting this feature.

However, it is a good move from OnePlus that responded to the same thread on Reddit with of promise of rolling out an update to fix the issue. A company’s representative has said that an update for OnePlus 5T will enable Widevine Level 1 in the device. It is still unclear that when the update will be made available, as there is no mention of time.

Let us see when the promise gets fulfilled. Keep visiting these pages to follow the story.