OnePlus 6T hit the US market from November 1st and has undergone a series of famous durability tests performed by a YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. Zack – the person behind the channel is well-known for his unique torture tests including scratch, burn and bend tests.

OnePlus 6T – Scratch Test

If you are familiar with the famous scratch test by Zack, you must be knowing that he uses a set of picks to scratch the phone at different levels on the Mohs scale of hardness. Many of the flagship devices use Corning Gorilla Glass 5 or 6 on the front that gets scratched by the level 6 pick; the same proves true for the OnePlus 6T.

As expected, other sharp objects like keys, coins and razor blade couldn’t create a scratch on the display. However, Zack advises to use a plastic screen cover to protect the display against the scratches likely to be made by dust or sand particles.

The metallic surfaces on the sides of the smartphone get scratched by a regular steel razor blade. Likewise, the rear of the phone made by frosted glass gets scratched with a lower level pick. However, more interestingly, the in-display fingerprint sensor seems to work fine even after rigorous scratch test.

OnePlus 6T – Burn Test

Next, Zack puts the phone’s screen under test to a burning lighter to conduct his unique burn test. As we’ve seen for a number of flagship devices, when heated, the pixels get vanished after some time; going back to normal for the IPS LCD panels but the AMOLED panels don’t usually get restored. However, OnePlus 6T surprised Zack when its AMOLED panel successfully recovered after the burn test.

OnePlus 6T – Bend Test

Finally, Zack applied pressure from both the front and back sides to check the durability of OnePlus 6T with his bend test. Interestingly, the device didn’t bend or flex at all even after significant pressure from both sides. You can trust the phone to hold up well against different kinds of wear and tear. It also got a thumbs up from Zack.

In short, Zack’s durability tests prove OnePlus 6T as a real strong device to withstand the day-to-day handling.

Not to mention that OnePlus 6T will be heading towards the European markets in a couple of days that is November 6th. Go and get yours.