The famous 10th Anniversary smartphone by Apple – the iPhone X has been internationally made available and we have seen people queued up and waited for hours to get their hands on the new iPhone before anybody else. Earlier, the preorders of the smartphone started at the end of October and it went out of stock in less than an hour.

Apple announced the official price tag of $999 (~PKR 105,200) for iPhone X for 64GB variant and $1,149 (~PKR 121,000)for 256 GB model, making it the most expensive iPhone of all times.

iPhone X in Pakistan

Apple has not launched the newest iPhone officially in Pakistan so far, leaving the field open for everyone to bring the highly priced gadget home and decide their own price. If you want to buy an iPhone X in Pakistan, you have no choice but to visit any of the major eCommerce players and pay the price of their choice.

We have checked different online stores like iShopping, HomeShopping , Shophive  and TeleMart offering iPhone X to be delivered at your doorstep but with an extraordinarily higher price tag. Following table says it all:

Store iPhone X 64GB iPhone X 256GB
TeleMart Rs. 140,000 Rs. 165,000
HomeShopping Rs. 156,990 Rs. 184,990
iShopping Rs. 160,000 Rs. 190,000
Shophive Rs. 175,000 Rs. 200,000

It is evident that there is no check on the price of iPhone X in Pakistan. Everyone is demanding different price for the same model.

As a buyer I would think hundred times before taking my wallet out for such high-priced smartphone. I may opt a handy gaming console in the lower price or wait for the official release of iPhone X. Don’t you think so?