As the race of foldable phones gets intense among big names in the market like Huawei, LG and Samsung, it’s OPPO that also announces to be part of the competition with OPPO foldable smartphone.

The popular Chinese brands were nowhere in the news except for Huawei but suddenly OPPO and Xiaomi have come up with the announcement that they are going to release their foldable phones next year.

OPPO Foldable Smartphone

According to media reports, OPPO is likely to unveil the OPPO foldable smartphone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019, scheduled to be held in Barcelona, Spain on February 25th next year.

A Dutch tech site, Let’s Go Digital breaks the story while referring to Chuck Wang, the product manager of OPPO who has not gone into the detail of the upcoming device, though.

Foldable smartphones have become talk of the town amidst introduction of the in-display camera by a number of manufacturers. Top brands seem to be in a state of competition to roll out a unique foldable smartphone.

For now, there are only speculations and patents about the potential design of the foldable smartphones. For one, LG has applied for multiple patents for the shape of foldable phones.

OPPO has also considered a variety of designs for the said device that makes it hard to speculate on the look of OPPO’s foldable smartphone.

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