With the international exposure of Chinese smartphone brands, the giants of telecom gadgets are slightly fading their market share in the smartphone world. It may be due to the revolutionized customers’ choice fluctuating to more sleek, dynamic and ultra-fast smartphones. This has led to intensive competition among the industry players with each striving to produce and sell the latest, consumer friendly and affordable smartphones.

OPPO R11 and A57 – The Best Selling Android Smartphone Brands

Among all, the ever-evolving camera phone brand ‘OPPO’ has captured a huge market due to its reliability, unique design and camera features of each smartphone it introduces. OPPO’s success was officially endorsed by a Hong Kong based global industry analysis firm CountrPoint, that published a sale report of July 2017 smartphone brands around the globe. Surprisingly OPPO has passed ahead of major players like Samsung and Xiaomi.

CounterPoint Report

“Apple continued to drive its flagship momentum with iPhone 7 & 7 Plus; still the world’s best-selling models. OPPO has been one of the fastest growing brands globally thanks to the popularity of models including the flagship OPPO R11 and the mid-tier OPPO A57 that captured third and fourth spots respectively.”

The report clearly indicates that OPPO’s recently launched smartphones R11 and A57 are widely welcomed by the customers. These OPPO brands have been one of the best-selling global smartphones during the period of July securing third and fourth positions in the list of top 10 smartphones in the world and becoming the top selling Android Phones. Both the phones have been declared the best-selling android phones of the world.

Camera – The Main Reason of Success

The reason of standing out in the global Smartphone models for OPPO R11 is genuine due to its ground-breaking dual 20 MP cameras with efficient bokeh effect. The OPPO R11 will take your breath away with unprecedented pictorial clarity.


On the other hand, OPPO A57 carries a 16MP flagship front camera that helps you take your best look, gives you bright effects and heads turning shots even in low-light. It has new hand gesture and Bokeh effects which give your selfies an effortless distinction with blurry background effect. OPPO A57 is available in Pakistan for Rs 22,899.

You can view the full report from here.