If you are an iPhone fan, you may come to a situation where you think that resetting your iPhone is the only solution. If you have the password, you will find it easy. However, if you are unfortunate to have password, you may find it difficult to factory reset an iPhone without password. No worries, […]

The widespread use of 3G/4G services in Pakistan has forced the government offices to shift their sluggish office jobs to hasty e-Governance initiatives facilitating general public. We have seen Punjab a way ahead than other provinces in this regard. The latest development shows a collaboration between the City Traffic Police Lahore and the Punjab Information […]

The Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) has launched a new short course aimed at helping the youth to learn driving a car or truck for future employment opportunities. Reportedly, TEVTA has included the free driving course teaching people how to drive HTV and LTV vehicles in collaboration with City Traffic Police Lahore. We […]

Once the international ride-sharing apps of Uber and Careem have established their footprints in Pakistan, the local players have also decided to test their fortune. Just a few days ago we saw Daewoo, a leading intercity transportation service provider, making an entry into the market segment with its own app. Likewise a leading telecom player […]

The fingerprint sensor on a smartphone has become one of the mainstream features on should think of. If you head to the mobile market you’ll see dozens of smartphones having fingerprint sensor as the highlighted feature. The reason behind its popularity being very simple; convenience of unlocking a smartphone simple by placing a finger on […]

Remember the exploding Note 7 last year? It has come back minus the exploding part. As we pointed out in earlier posts that Samsung would introduce the refurbished version of Note 7 in certain markets; it has now become reality. The company has started the sale of refurbished Note 7 as the new Galaxy Note […]

Pakistan has successfully joined and commissioned the operation of high speed submarine cable system AAE-1 (Asia-Africa-Europe 1) that connects South East Asia to Europe via Egypt. It is the largest submarine cable to be constructed in almost 15 years, spanning over 25,000 kms. With a capacity of at least 40 Tbps 5 fibre pairs, the AAE-1 is […]

Malala Yousafzai – a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate has joined Twitter yesterday while writing that she had completed her school and joined the micro blogging platform to further strengthen her noble work. The young Malala has joined Twitter in a way that no one else may think about. […]

Finding Wi-Fi signals when you’re out of your home or office can be a tiresome task, especially when your mobile data connection can’t be relied on. This is a problem that Facebook has decided to do something about. Facebook has rolled out new update for Android and iOS users enabling them to find Wi-Fi hotspots […]

Oppo – the Camera Phone brand has joined hands together with Sony & Marvel on the much-awaited superhero movie, Spider-Man: Home Coming, in cinemas. The smartphone brand finds new ways to interact with youth and they are not leaving behind any chance of entertainment for their valuable customers. Sharing views on the association, Sony & […]