Pakistan puts ban on two of the most notorious challenge games online named as Blue Whale and Momo Challenge. The duo has reportedly been used to incite self-harm and in extreme cases encourage suicide among the youth.

The ban was announced by Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui – the Federal Minister for Information Technology, while talking to the joint delegation of IT and software developers in Karachi on Sunday. The minister said:

“These games don’t have any place in Pakistan as they are destroying the youth and are one of the key players in suicides taking place worldwide. A law will be passed in this regard where developing, sharing and using such software will be a crime under the Cyber Crime Act.”

The suicidal games have been a headache for the parents for quite some time now as the games are addictive for the young social-media-loving generation. The affected youngsters, regardless of the outcome, do anything to complete the challenges assigned in the games, even if its suicide.

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The issue was brought to the limelight following suicidal deaths in different countries while playing the WhatsApp-based Momo challenge. Last year, Blue Whale Challenge killed a number of people across the world and following the media reports, Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) was tasked with spreading awareness about the perilous matter.

The Blue Whale Challenge was started by a Russian and it has reportedly claimed many lives around the globe including Pakistan. The Challenge involves an administrator giving tasks to the game participants mostly involving self-harm and living in extreme situations.

Similarly, Momo Challenge is governed through a WhatsApp account that sends graphic threats to participants and instructs them to perform a series of violent tasks. The players are expected to share photos of the challenges/tasks completed by them.

Both of these games have been developed to target the teenagers who get addictive in a way to accept any kind of fatal challenge. The Momo Challenge, being the newest has sparked fear among the parents across the globe.

Psychologists, on the other hand, recommend parents to keep an eye on the young ones and check for any change in their behaviour; talk with the kids and advise them to stay away from such challenges.