Here comes good news for Pakistan as the recently launched Pakistan Citizen Portal App has been selected for the award at the World Government Summit being held in Dubai. An official from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has revealed that it is for the first that any government app from Pakistan has been shortlisted for the international competition.

Akif Khan, the Deputy Director of E-Governance of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and the man behind the Pakistan Citizen Portal app, among other officials will represent Pakistan in Dubai. He said that the finalists of the competition will be announced in the 7th edition of the three-day event in Dubai on February 12th.

The World Government Summit is an annual event held in Dubai that brings together leaders in government for a global dialogue about governmental process and policies with a focus on the issues of futurism, technology and innovation, as well as other topics.

About Pakistan Citizen Portal App

Not to mention that the Pakistan Citizen Portal App that was launched in October 2018 has become a complete complaint redressal system on government level and connected with all the government departments.

Through the app, citizens can register their complaints and suggestions for the government ministries, offices and departments. Moreover, the Prime Minister Office monitors the entire procedure.

No doubt, PM Imran Khan has taken a great step towards the betterment of the country and to ensure equality in rights. We wish good luck to the government and hope that the app will get the award.