With the widespread use of high speed internet through smartphones in Pakistan, the concept of Online Shopping is getting popular even in remote areas. More and more megastores are opening their businesses over the internet and online shopping has become one of the most popular way of shopping in the country.

A genuine question arises here; with so many stores to buy from, one can easily get confused where to find the best product at the best price. One has no time to scroll through all the online stores just to compare prices. Then what to do? This is the question that has become one of the sole reasons for ‘Pakistani Stores’ to become reality.

What is ‘Pakistani Stores’?

Pakistani Stores is in fact a search engine as a Google for products on the internet in Pakistan. The entrepreneur has just made our life easier by providing us with Pakistan’s first ever Online Shopping Search Engine. The site has catalogued 300,000+ products from the biggest online stores in Pakistan to provide you as many options as possible.

How simple is it! Just type the name of the product you are looking for, the search engine brings results from a variety of different online stores where you can compare the prices of the product you are looking for in a single glance.

Search Preview

The website also features a blog where shopping experts share their experiences with you. There are tons of guides available that will effectively help you buy the right product next time you are shopping over the internet.


If that isn’t enough, you can also check the latest prices of various products on the internet through this search engine. With this feature, you’ll be able to easily compare prices of products through different online shops in one single window.

Prices in Pakistan

By comparing the prices of products in a single window, you save the hassle of searching the product manually on every online store. This way you’ll be able to find the best price without much effort.

So next time you decide to buy something online, do it smartly by first researching it on Pakistani Stores. You never know you’ll hit the jackpot and find the lowest price of that one product you’re looking to buy.