The development and wide-spread use of smartphones has dragged developers to introduce new apps and games. We can easily see every second person using smartphone; mostly using social media apps, watching videos or playing games.

The games that need a playground, like cricket, soccer, hockey or tennis have been transformed into apps and our 5 or 6 inch screen has become the playground for many of us. Undoubtedly, we can’t enjoy them as we do in real on the ground but at least they are helpful to refresh our mind.

Pictionary is one of most famous home party games and now has been made available on your smartphones. Well-known game developer Etermax has unveiled the Pictionary for both Android and iOS devices.


If you have ever played this game before you must know, there is no need of extraordinary skill to play and the same is true for the App version as well. It is still easy enough as it was in real. There are 1000 of words in 4 different parts in the game for choosing.

There are many of features in the game just you have to play the game to unlock the features. This is the game which will not let you bore anymore. You can download Pictionary by clicking the below and enjoy the Party.

Download Pictionary

Pictionary is available in the number of famous languages like English, Dutch, Russian, German, and Spanish on Google Play store and Apple store absolutely free but containing ads.

Android users click here

iPhone users click here