WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging and voice/video call app has rolled out new update for their beta testers enabling them to pin their favourite WhatsApp chat on top.

The new feature allows you to pin individual chats or groups at the top of the chats tab. If you have certain groups or chats that you frequently use, you can pin them at the top.

Be noted that only beta users can use this feature. And Yes! I am a Beta User. There may be a possibility of errors in beta version, however, the feature to pin your chats is worth more.

The latest beta version with the build number of 2.17.162, 2.17.163, or 2.17.164 includes the new feature to pin your favourite chats on top.

How to Pin Favourite WhatsApp Chat on Top

To pin your favourite WhatsApp chat on top, simply open your application and long press the chat. A pin icon and mute option will appear at the top of your screen. Tap the pin icon and your selected chat will appear on top of your chat list.


For now, you can only pin 3 different chats in the latest beta version. If you try pinning more than 3 chats you will get a message from WhatsApp telling you that you can’t pin any more chats.

Download WhatsApp Beta

You can try out the new feature for yourself by downloading WhatsApp Beta from here (for Android users only).

WhatsApp will roll out stable version of the pin feature for other platforms once it is successfully tested. So iPhone users will have to wait for some time!