Although iPhone X has been listed among top 25 inventions of 2017 by Time Magazine but Google’s Pixel 2 is not less than any other flagship device; rather it is a leader in many aspects (we’ll discuss in the following paragraphs).

If we keep iPhone X and Pixel 2 side by side, both have their own pros and cons but we’ll only count the ones that are similar on either side. For instance, as far as operating systems are concerned, Pixel 2 runs on Google’s latest Android 8.0 Oreo and iPhone X runs on Apple’s latest iOS 11.

If you are planning to replace your existing smartphone, you might have decided either to go for Android or iOS device. Well, we can’t say anything in this case. But if you’re on a crossroad either to go for iPhone X or Pixel 2, let us help you a bit. But let me clear one thing at this stage that the lines below are just an opinion of mine having no compulsion on you.

As earlier said, both phones have their own advantages and otherwise, but I’m talking about some of the features that makes Pixel 2 a smarter buying decision over iPhone X. Let us go through one by one:

1. The Price

pixel-2-vs-iphone-x-priceWhy do I consider price factor as number one? It is obvious, we’ll have to see our pocket before grabbing anything into basket. As both the devices under consideration are categorised as the flagship devices with state of the art camera features, latest hardware and updated software versions of their own but the Pixel 2 starts from $650 as compared to iPhone X’s $1,000 starting price. Even if you go for Pixel 2 XL, you can save $250 in that case too. So Pixel has an obvious advantage over iPhone X in this department.

2. The Screen Size and Weight

pixel-2-vs-iphone-x-screen-sizeIf you go through specs sheet of both devices, you may notice that they fall in the same weight category. But if you consider the screen size, Pixel 2 will stand ahead having larger display than its competitor. So if you’re looking for a bigger screen, Pixel 2 will be a better choke without adding more weight to your pocket.

3. The Camera

pixel-2-vs-iphone-x-cameraWell, camera features are the ones that matter a lot in today’s smartphones. Once again Pixel 2 leads the race having better camera than the iPhone X; this is what the DxOMark found in their latest study. But if you insist that it is not the best camera on field, even though it is evident that both are at par to each other. Now again the price factor comes into play; will it be a wise decision to spend $350 more to get an equivalent camera?

4. The Repair Cost

pixel-2-vs-iphone-x-breakabilityApple brings a lot of design changes for the iPhone X and one of the major ones is the all-glass build. The phone carries glass on both sides making it more fragile than ever before. God forbid, if it happens, it will cost you a lot to repair. Even, you can buy a new mid-range Android device in that cost. If we consider the same for Pixel 2, I think no extra care will be needed to handle and if it breaks no costly repair will be faced.

5. The Fast Charger

iphone-x-fast-chargerThe iPhone 8 and iPhone X are the first ones fortified with fast charging option; the feature Android users are enjoying for many years. Although you’ll pay $1,000 for the iPhone X but you’ll not get a fast charger out of the box; rather have to purchase it separately from Apple store.

Whereas all Android phones, including Pixel 2, that support fast charging features come with fast chargers out of the box. Now it is up to you to go for iPhone X with fast charger at a cost of $1,050 or get the Pixel 2 in the same price of $650.

These are the five obvious reasons that make Pixel 2 a better choice as compared to iPhone X.

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