Google’s flagship devices Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have been reportedly facing issues with their temperature and battery life. A number of Pixel users have come up on Reddit and other forums pointing out that their phones are having issues since they installed Google’s February security update.

According to reports many users appeared on Google’s Pixel User Community complaining that their devices are running warm while in standby mode and the battery life seems to be swollen in too rapidly.

While some users have experienced any one of those issue and the others are facing the both at the same time. However, the only common point hints towards the latest security update released in February. Meanwhile, the exact cause of these issue is yet not known.

As of writing, there is no official response by Google so far but Android Police have shared their investigative report on the very same issue. The tech blog reveals that the Pixel 2 XL was charged at less than 4W in low temperature conditions despite claiming to be charging quickly (10W+).

In response to above findings, a spokesperson from Google promised to conduct an investigation at their end to find out the root cause and remedial action.

Earlier, the Pixel devices were reported to have random reboot issues that was later confirmed by Google and offered an immediate fix with over-the-air Android update. However, the company did not bother to share any information of the main cause.

Will the same be repeated again by Google in the current issue? Let us wait and see.