WhatsApp has become first choice for every internet user to make voice/video calls and send text messages; at least it stands true for growing countries like Pakistan where its free voice and video call is taking preference.

Although there are lot more messenger apps on Play Store and App Store to choose from but people prefer the largest one thus compelling WhatsApp to introduce more innovative features.

WhatsApp has rolled out a new update for its iOS app consisting of two major add-ons. One of them focuses viewing YouTube videos inside WhatsApp and the other one to record voice messages without holding the microphone button.

Watching YouTube Video within WhatsApp

Good news for iPhone users as instead of redirecting to the YouTube app, WhatsApp will pop-up a small floating window for playing YouTube video within the app, letting you watch and chat altogether in the same window. We must say it as one of the much needed change and a useful addition to WhatsApp features.

This feature is an update of the Picture-in-Picture mode for Video Calling that WhatsApp brought in September this year. The feature has been activated on iOS devices and an Android execution is on its way.

Recording Voice Messages without Holding Down Microphone Button

The latest iOS update of WhatsApp also includes an easier way to record long voice messages without holding down the microphone button. This update makes it relatively easy for users to record their voice messages on WhatsApp.

Users can now swipe up to “lock” the recording and once done you just have to tap the icon once to end the voice message recording. Earlier, users would need to hold the voice recording button for the entire duration of the recording.

Coming Soon for Android Devices

WhatsApp has broken its pattern by bringing these two new features to iOS first, however, these features will also be available on Android devices very soon.

You can download WhatsApp for iOS devices from here