As devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee is underway, price hikes are being witnessed in every sector. Meanwhile, Nayatel, one of the most popular Internet Service Providers in the Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Faisalabad has announced to increase pricing of Nayatel Home Internet Plans.

The company has sent notices to its customers via e-mail and text messages, stating that internet bills will be charged with an additional amount of Rs. 100 (in addition to taxes), with effect from November 1st this year.

The company further clarifies its decision by saying that they were bearing some costs, paid in US dollars, to provide internet services to its customers. As the US dollar is becoming more expensive, the internet service provider had to increase its rates, so as to cover the additional costs.

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The notice reads:

We always aim to provide highest quality services at affordable and competitive prices. Internet bandwidth is a significant cost of our operations and we pay this in US $ to backbone Internet providers. Due to increasing cost of US $ and other utilities, it is not feasible for us anymore to maintain the quality at existing prices. We are therefore constrained to increase home Internet rates by Rs. 100+tax per month effective 01 November 2018.

So Nayatel has done its part, let us see if telecom operators and other ISPs decide the same or stick with their current pricing.