Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is working on to upgrade its network infrastructure to meet future requirements of its customers in having reliable internet services.

The company has recently completed transformation of its key exchanges of Lahore located in DHA, Guldasht, Gulshan Ravi, Johar Town and WAPDA Town under Network Transformation Project (NTP).

The customers residing in these areas can now enjoy and experience reliable high-speed unlimited internet.

Naeem Shahbaz Ul Haq, Executive Vice President, PTCL, Lahore said:

“Customers have become very demanding in terms of reliability and availability of a faster network, whether it is a student or a businessman or a housewife. Through its transformation, PTCL can successfully serve its customers and provide them with a superior service experience. Undertaking such a project displays PTCL’s commitment through its journey to service excellence.”

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About PTCL’s NTP Program

As part of NTP, PTCL is in the process of transforming 100 exchanges, out of which 53 exchanges have already been transformed as of today. With the aim to build a digitally connected Pakistan, PTCL is playing its role effectively as the leading internet broadband service provider of the country.

The NTP program is of great significance to the company as it shows that PTCL cares for its customers and is undertaking this comprehensive project with the commitment to embrace change by focusing more on quality customer service. This has already impacted the organization positively as it has led to an increase in acquisition and retention of customers.