The government of Punjab has launched a number of projects in a vision to digitize the records and public interest systems. The latest news revealed that the Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control Department is all set to introduce Automated Registration Cards replacing the vehicle registration books in the province.

Although the project was announced two years back and approved by CM Shahbaz Shareef in March 2015 but it delayed up till now. However the authorities are committed to introduce new system by November 2017.

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The Automated Registration Cards will make you get rid of strain of keeping vehicle registration books with you all the time. No doubt registration book is a big headache to carry all the time. The new cards will carry Near Field Communication (NFC) chip having vehicle and owner details along with the expiry date of the MV tax.

The Excise department had invited bids for Automated Registration Cards (ARC) in April 2017. It is reported that the department has received a number of bids and the evaluation and short-listing is at its last stage. The department is likely to finalize the contract with the successful bidder by the end of July.

Around 2 million books are published every year out of which 1.6 million are issued for newly registered vehicles. Excise department revealed that the stock of these books will come to an end by November this year.

We hope the new system be enforced with no more delays so that people can enjoy getting rid of old registration books.