Government of Punjab has finally launched a new smart card that would replace the awkward experience of carrying inconvenient registration books of vehicles altogether. The newly introduced chip-based Vehicle Registration Card carries 11 security features making it safe and convenient including necessary data of the vehicle and the owner.

Usman Buzdar, Chief Minister Punjab, formally launched the issuance of smart cards at Excise and Taxation Office Shadman, Laahore. He said on the occasion:

“The process of motor vehicles registration has entered a new phase today. Now, the vehicle owners will be issued smart cards instead of registration books that will eliminate the chances of forgery and theft of vehicles.”

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Vehicle Registration Card

The Vehicle Registration Card is developed in collaboration with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and Excise & Taxation Department. After performing the data entry at ETO office, NADRA executes verification and validation checks on the provided data. After due process of validation and verification, the chip-based card is printed by NADRA to be made available for collection within 48 hours.


Not to mention that the concept was initiated in the year 2007 by Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi’s government. While the project remained deferred for 11 years by PMLN’s government, the new PTI administration has finalised the project. The Vehicle Registration Card contains QR code, micro-text, fillip-image and other features as per recommendations of the Punjab Safe City Authority.

Registration Charges

The Excise and Taxation department of Punjab would issue the Vehicle Registration Card within 48 hours of depositing minimal charges of Rs. 520 only. It is also said by the authorities that the department has a capacity of printing 8,000 cards per day. Those desirous of getting replaced their registration books with the smart cards may also apply for it.