Smartphones have revolutionised our study habits in a way that we have an access to a newspaper, a magazine or a book right from a 5 or 6 inch screen in our palms. The advanced technology has also made its way to target the spiritual and religious factor as well.

We have seen quite a large number of smartphone apps specially designed to help Muslims in performing their religious duties like knowing prayer timings, finding Qibla direction, reading Quran translations and tafsirs along with Ahadeeth and Islamic history.

There is a big market for Quran apps on Android and iOS to serve the Muslim community in reading and understanding the Holy Book. However, not many platforms focus on using technology to serve the Muslim market using habit building, creating engagement and reward mechanisms to promote everyday religious activities.

QforQuran Helps to Build Quran Reading Habit

As the Holy Month of Ramadan is underway and the Muslims around the globe recite the Holy Book not in the Taraveeh Prayer but also individual and collective ways. Today we are going to introduce a smartphone app that can help you to stay in touch with the Holy Quran and build Quran Reading Habit on regular basis.

QforQuran is a web and mobile based Quranic App that aims to fill this gap and bring value to the millions who are willing to practice Islam but find it hard to achieve their religious duties. Mostly due to unrelenting professional lives accompanied by busy and distracted life styles. It is a platform having the vision to facilitate Quran reading and help Muslims to develop a Quran reading habit.

Quran events on the web by QforQuran brings the Khatam concept to the digital era. Adding flexibility, ease of use, and a simplified user experience to a centuries old Islamic tradition held for all kinds of happy and sad moments in Muslims’ lives.

As a long term goal, QforQuran aims to bring the Muslim Ummah together. Doing so around Quran reading and help the young Muslims develop a relationship of understanding and learning with Quran.

QforQuran – Bridging Gap with a Quran App

QforQuran creates engagement among the Muslim Ummah. Using peer to peer motivation, the app tracks the reader’s progress. This helps them to develop a reading habit by reducing barriers to Quran reading. Achieved with the use of notifications and by sending small reading tasks to the users on their mobile phones.

With every reading, users’ levels grow and their progress can be shared with their online community through the web applications. Users receive regular notifications about learnings of the day, where they can learn about Ayah and related content.

By registering with QforQuran users can create their own Quran events and complete Quran readings with their loved ones no matter where they are in the world.

Furthermore, the Quran event progress is readily available allowing users to follow up with the readers. The participants of Quran events can read at their own convenience and help with Quran completion.

As a trendsetter, QforQuran plans to have a 100,000 strong user base by the end of 2017. And grow into a platform where Muslims can develop their Quran reading habits by tracking their progress.

As a community, QforQuran aims to become a place where Muslims can soon complete community Quran readings in a matter of hours if not minutes.

During Ramadan, QforQuran gives you the opportunity to claim coupons to create Quran Events for free. Claim yours now by clicking here and create an Event to share with your dear ones during Holy Ramadan.

QforQuran for Everyone

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