The fingerprint sensor on a smartphone has become one of the mainstream features on should think of. If you head to the mobile market you’ll see dozens of smartphones having fingerprint sensor as the highlighted feature.

The reason behind its popularity being very simple; convenience of unlocking a smartphone simple by placing a finger on it. It also comes with an added bonus of security barring anyone else who hasn’t saved his fingerprint on your device, from unlocking your smartphone.

In earlier days smartphones took almost one second to detect your fingerprint and unlock your gadget. With the passage of time, we have seen bit improvement as many brands have introduced the faster than ever fingerprint scanners detecting prints.

QMobile A1 Fingerprint Sensor

QMobile have recently launched their new flagship QMobile A1 and its younger sibling QMobile A1 Lite with a fingerprint sensor that considers to be the fastest at the moment. The local brand is now competing with likes of Apple, Oppo and others by unlocking the A1 and A1 Lite in just 0.2s through the fingerprint sensor.

It unlocks faster than the likes of Oppo F1s and even Apple’s iPhone 7. Yes, you read that correctly. A phone that costs just Rs. 27,500 beats out a flagship phone that costs 2-3 times as much.

Comparison With iPhone 7, Oppo F1s and Vivo V5

QMobile A1 was tested for its fingerprint sensor’s speed against Apple iPhone 7, Oppo F1s and Vivo V5. The test footage was reviewed in slow motion and repeated at least twice to ensure the credibility of the test. You can take a look at it yourself below: