The Holy Quran is the largest memorized and read book in the world – a miracle indeed. With the wide-spread of smartphones, a large number of apps are available on different platforms covering diverse aspects of online versions of the Holy Book.

Quran Companion is one of such apps that has been developed by a Hafiz-e-Quran and US-based Pakistani entrepreneur Bilal Memon. He has also established the ‘Quran Academy’, a startup focused on helping Muslims around the world to offer a better option to connect with the Holy Quran using technology-based resources.

The Quran Companion lets you memorize the Holy Quran using a unique system of social learning, including a Hasanah Calculator, Challenges, Guided Plans, and more. Now, they have unveiled a beautiful web version as well, called Quran Reader.

Quran Reader

Quran Reader is an online version of the Holy Book that requires no fee or even log-in of any kind. All you have to do is head over to the Quran Reader and it will give you a neatly organized list of all the Surahs in Quran. Alternatively, you can also sort it in the order of Juz (paras).

The app is elegantly designed and incredibly easy to use and understand. There are a lot of e-versions of the Holy Quran available to read online, but this is by far one of the well-designed ones I have come across.

It also has some really useful features like the ability to translate in 4 languages, switching between Aayah or Page View, tweaking font size, etc. There is even an option to switch between Urdu or Madina script.


You can listen to a beautifully-recorded recitation of the Holy Quran right from the website. Just switch the “Play Recitation” button to on and an audio player will appear at the bottom of the page.


You can get translations in up to 4 languages; English, Urdu, Russian, and Malay. There are five different versions of the English translations, including Pickthall, Ahmed Ali, Abu Ala Maududi, Hilali & Mohsin Khan, and Saheeh International.

Hasanah Calculator

Right after signing up, the app will present you with a Welcome card along with a Hadith by the Prophet Muhammad SAW,

“The one who reads a single letter from the Book of Allah will be rewarded with 1 good deed. A good deed is multiplied ten times over. I do not say Alif Laam Meem is one letter. Verily, Alif is one letter, Laam is one letter, Meem is one letter.” (At-Tirmithi, Sahih)!

Going by the sayings of the Holy Prophet SAW, the app has a “Hasanah Calculator” in place. For every word you read, it will award you with 10 Hasanah. The intention being that you can remain motivated in your goal to memorize Quran.

There’s also a Daily Leaderboard that shows the top 100 users with the highest Hasanah points. It resets daily, so you and your friends can be motivated to race to be on the board each day.


Once you have opened the app, it’ll show you three tabs; Challenges, Surah and Groups. Tap on any Surah to start memorizing and choose a plan. The app will now show you a neat layout of the respective Surah.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see two options for “Swipe” or “Audio”. Swipe is an innovative little feature that will let you simply swipe to display the number of Ayahs you want displayed to help in memorizing.

Meanwhile, Audio, as the name suggests, will let you instantly stream the audio recording of any Ayah you want to. A double-tap on any Ayah can also be used to access “Audio” or “Translation”.


The app is pretty generous in terms of customization too. You can head over to the Settings to switch between different scripts of Quran (Madina/Uthmani, Urdu, etc.). There’s even an option to switch between layouts like Full Page or Ayah View.

Besides giving you the motivation, the app also helps in providing an organized way of memorizing. Whenever you tap on a Surah to open it, it’ll ask you if you want to go by a “Guided Plan” or “No Guided Plan”.

Choosing the latter option will let you memorize at your own pace. On the other hand, choosing “Guided Plan” will break down your daily lessons and even give you an estimate of the number of days it’ll take to memorize that Surah, if you keep to the plan.


Quran Companion is available as a free download for Android and iPhone users. You’ll be given a free 7-day trial for the premium features of the app as well, after which you can buy a “Lifetime Access” pass for $9.99 to access them. Free features include reading the Quran, listening to audio and reading the translations while all the rest of the features come in the premium category.

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