The widespread use of 3G/4G services in Pakistan has forced the government offices to shift their sluggish office jobs to hasty e-Governance initiatives facilitating general public. We have seen Punjab a way ahead than other provinces in this regard.

The latest development shows a collaboration between the City Traffic Police Lahore and the Punjab Information and Technology Board to launch an android Application named Road and Streets Traffic Awareness (RASTA).

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The plan was conformed in a meeting held at the Arfa Kareem Technology Park Tower between the officials of CTPL and PITB. The Chief Traffic Police Officer, Rai Ijaz Ahmad attended discussed the functionalities of RASTA app with other officials. He revealed that the app will have six basic features including traffic updates, e-licensing, e-challanning, FM Radio and complaints.

The RASTA app will help citizen to learn about different traffic routes to opt for reaching their desired destination in estimated time avoiding traffic blockages. Citizens will also be able to register their suggestions or complaints about wardens’ behaviour, licensing facility or traffic issues in any location.

How to Apply for Driving Licence

The RASTA app will help people to apply for their driving licence while sitting at homes. The preliminary phases of filling in the application form and paying the challan online will be done following simple steps while using RASTA app. It means you’ll not have to visit traffic police office or banks to apply for driving licence!

However, the applicant will have to visit the traffic police office for driving test. The driving licence will be delivered at one’s doorstep if successfully completed the driving test.

The Rasta app is currently in beta phase and soon will be made available to Android users. Keep visiting these pages to know more upcoming apps and smartphones.