Gulistan-e-Jauhar, a densely populated area of Karachi in district East, has been in the headlines because of an unknown knife attacker who attacked several women for the last month or so. Police investigations have pointed out something alarming for the authorities as the notorious online game, Blue Whale Challenge, seems to be behind such cases.

Police have captured several suspects including a man from Sahiwal, Punjab named Waseem who is allegedly the main suspect and is still under custody. The authorities were confident that no more attack would happen and it proved true for the last ten days.

However, the recent incident reported yesterday from another part of Karachi, the Federal B Area, has become a point of anxiety. According to media reports, an obscure attacker riding a motorbike assaulted the victim named Areeba with a blade when she was underway with her brother. Police have registered an FIR and started investigation.

Later on, two suspects named Fawad and Ahsan were captured from Gulistan-e-Jauhar in connection to that particular incident. Fawad was proven to be present in the vicinity of all the 12 attacks based on his phone’s location data history. Sources inside police station claim that the two suspects are found routine players of the Blue Whale Challenge. Both are also reportedly addicted to crystal meth and are also somewhat, mentally ill. Police have started investigating the case with linkage to the notorious game as well.

The proof assembled from the cell phones of the two suspects reinforces the possibility that the Blue Whale game could be the probable reason behind the knife attacks.
Preying on the weak minded and psychopaths, the game might have been asking to complete dangerous tasks including such knife attacks.

The Blue Whale Challenge has emerged to be one of the most dangerous game in the world, taking the toll on many lives through its psychological manipulation by giving the player 50 challenges to complete, the last of which is usually ‘the suicide’. Cases reported from Mardan, Jhelum and Hyderabad have proven the presence of Blue Whale game in Pakistan.