Xiaomi unveiled a duo of affordable budget devices last week named as Redmi 6 and Redmi 6A with compact and simplistic design features. Meanwhile, the Redmi 6 has been teased with a YouTube video that showcases Xiaomi’s president cracking multiple walnuts with its screen.

Walnuts are tasty enough to be eaten but cracking them open is the real test, especially if you don’t have strong teeth or a nutcracker to do the mission. The Chinese tech leader has come up with an easy solution – use the latest Redmi 6 to crack open walnuts; at least the teased video claims the same.

We are talking about the short video clip shared by Xiaomi’s president Lin Bin that showcases Redmi 6 cracking open three walnut seeds in a row with no sign of scratches or damage. It seems to be a unique way to prove durability of a smartphone’s screen, isn’t it? Check out the video by yourself:

Redmi 6 – The Most Durable Budget Phone

Xiaomi has a history of fragile panels on its budget and entry-level products as the users of Redmi 4 and Redmi Note 4X experienced screen cracking with a single fall. Considering their price range, users don’t expect too much from those device but the case for Redmi 6 seems to be the start of new era in the budget category devices by Xiaomi.

The company assured its customers on the launch event of Redmi 6 that the new device has successfully passed a total of 14571 quality assurance tests and is in the same quality standard as the Mi flagship series. Also, there was a strict screening of suppliers with over 70% of them on the same level as Apple (FOXCONN) parts suppliers.


Interestingly, the details shared by Xiaomi on the launch event of budget-friendly device does not reveal Gorilla Glass on top or the trendy 2.5D screen. The survival of the screen through ‘walnut test’ makes it one of the strong panels with ‘undisclosed secret’. Nevertheless, the Redmi 6 being budget smartphone with a 5.45-inch IPS LCD display sets new durability standard for others.