Xiaomi has made a name for itself in the smartphones market; thanks to its products offering great value for money. Redmi Note 7, being the latest addition to its lineup, is far better equipped smartphone than its predecessors; packing a number of amazing features especially the powerful screen. The smartphone retailing at $150 is packed with a 48MP sensor, a 4000 mAh battery and a large 6.3-inch LCD display.

Xiaomi has been teasing the tech world by posting several promotional videos online highlighting the strength of the smartphone. The display being the most vulnerable part of a device has been the main focus of recent teasers.

Durability Test

One of those videos reveals that smartphone’s screen withstands rigorous jumping over the screen by a number of commuters. Interestingly, the Gorilla Glass 5 remains uncracked and the smartphone continues to work as per usual.

Another video shows Redmi’s CEO, Lu Weibing, literally breaking a watermelon into two pieces by smashing a Redmi Note 7 facedown on it. While the video shows how durable Gorilla glass 5 is on the Note 7, it is indeed quite a hilarious way to show.

Trash Can Drop Test

Lu Weibing showcases more interesting Can Drop Test where the Redmi Note 7 is placed in a trash can, covered with tape and dropped from stairs. The video reveals that the Redmi Note 7 falls 18 stairs from a height of 9ft, however, the phone remains unscratched and comes out as one piece in the end.

Mobile Phone Skateboard

While the trash can test may not be very convincing, using the phone as skates is definitely something new. The video reveals that Lu straps a pair of rollers, with the base resting on Redmi Note 7’s screen, holding it firmly in place with duct tape. The skates are attached with the legs and then he moves around with his weight on the screen.

The smartphone’s screen remained intact despite carrying the CEO’s weight. Pretty solid, don’t you think?

Xiaomi didn’t stop there. They dropped pineapples on it, used it as a cutting board and even made people jump on it. Some believe that the videos are fake and that it’s simply not possible to have a watermelon split like that. While we cannot confirm the claims, we do trust Redmi’s CEO who personally demonstrated its durability.

The durability demonstrated is overkill but it does make us reminiscent the good old days of Nokia 3310.