Samsung has been in the headlines for long that the tech giant is working on foldable smartphones. Though recent leaks and rumors claim that the company has overcome all the technical anomalies associated with state-of-the-art feature but are we certainly nearing the first foldable smartphone?

Frankly speaking, we are not quite sure of saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but the following lines would say it all.

First Foldable Smartphone

It has been reported frequently that over half a dozen patents been filled by Samsung so far revealing the possible design of the product. That is why some experts are of the opinion that as we have moved in 2018, we are certainly very close to witness next generation of smartphones in the shape of first foldable smartphone.

Supporting the perception, the most recent report from a Korean news outlet reveals that Samsung’s folding phone will be launched in December this year. We are talking about ET News, a well-reputed Korean publication, which claims that the company will begin manufacturing its first foldable phone in November this year; aiming to unveil it in December. However, the report also affirms the phone will go on sale in particular regions in later months.

How Will it Look Like?

It is further revealed that Samsung’s first foldable smartphone will feature a massive OLED display of 7.3 inches. Interestingly, you’ll be able to fold the phone inwards and open it in a similar way you open a book. It means that the phone when unfolded will appear like a tablet.

It is also reported through credible sources that Samsung Display is working on making these complex screens and aims to start production of foldable OLED displays in March this year. However, mass production is planned to be kicked-off in September.

According to an industry expert in Korea,

The foldable phone is targeting ‘super premium’, both in terms of performance and price, which goes beyond the existing premium smartphone, and aims to provide the performance, design, and usability that is right for the product.

The report also claims that Samsung may showcase its first foldable smartphone to the investors behind closed doors in September. We anticipate the same to happen at the IFA 2018 tech trade event that usually takes place in September each year.


If we guess the pricing factor of the first foldable smartphone, it is presumed to see much higher price tag than the existing premium smartphones of today. That is why some previous reports claim that Samsung is likely to release its first foldable smartphone in limited quantity for a few countries only to check the response of the audience.

Stay tuned to know more about the Super Premium smartphone of the year.