Colours fill charm in our life by expressing our inner emotions to others. As mobile phones have also become integral part of our life, the manufacturers introduced special editions of smartphones with different colours. For instance, iPhone 7 launched red-coloured edition marking the partnership with the AIDS organisation.

Galaxy S8 in Burgundy Red Colour

The biggest Android maker – Samsung has already launched Galaxy S8 with a variety of colours to choose from. But there comes another edition of S8 with bold Burgundy Red colour to attract you. The Red phone will be the 6th colour option along with Rose Pink, Arctic Silver, Coral Blue, Orchid Gray and Midnight Black.


This new colour is clearly inspired by the changing seasons, and it’s a welcome addition. The red colour takes over the entire rear of the phone right down to the metal frame. It’s not a bright red, but rather a darker, slightly more subtle one; looking absolutely gorgeous.

The new colour is announced by Samsung Mobile Korea. In an attractive YouTube commercial, Samsung Mobile Korea unveiled the new phone. The front stays black as usual while the back is now dark red. All the scenes take place in a warm, fuzzy environment with plenty of sweaters and long coats.


The only sad part of the story is the fact that the new colour option probably won’t be seen in too many regions. The product is already available in Samsung’s home region of South Korea, but there’s no indication we’ll see an expansion.

Not to mention, the Galaxy S8 is a flagship device by Korean tech giant – Samsung. Because of its very small bezels and infinity display, the smartphone has already attracted a large number of potential buyers all around the globe having direct competition with new entrants of Apple – iPhone 8and iPhone X.